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Medical Governance
​At WCI we recognise that Medical Governance is a concept which is increasing in both scope and importance.  We know that there is mounting emphasis on patient safety, and on proactive safety management.  We also understand that with emerging market operations growing, so too is the globalisation of safety standards.  With growing regulator and public scrutiny of company performance and enhanced punitive actions, Medical Governance really is at the forefront of the life sciences industry.  Organisations must control and proactively manage medical issues to ensure that the patient and the brand are protected.  It is also vital that an organisation has oversight of local operations, whilst also ensuring consistent global medical standards are applied.  Medical issues must be addressed before they come to the attention of the regulators and the general public. 
All organisations need to achieve this medical oversight, but often have very different footprints and operation models.  At WCI, our clients range in complexity; from one therapeutic area and division to multiple divisions and therapeutic areas; from centralised to decentralised business operations; from local market operations to global businesses.  However complex your organisation, WCI can ensure that your medical decisions are consistent throughout your business.
Our model for success recognises that for any life sciences company, the approach to Medical Governance and the core elements are the same.  To ensure Medical Governance is implemented effectively there are four clear requirements:
  1. Medical Governance must be supported at the CMO level
  2. Medical Governance is proactive and risk based
  3. Key supporting processes are in place
  4. Multi-functional safety teams

If you would like to discuss Medical Governance at your organisation in more detail then please contact us at